Whenever a user enters our webpage we recollect the following data, one given from you and the other given by your experience on our website. From the information that each customers provides us, we recollect registrations and profile information, whenever you make an order, payment information, shipping address, phone and email, demographic information and other type of information that we would require. Whenever you make any purchase we may collect payment card information, depending on the method of payment. When a customer contacts customer service, we may receive additional information.

Regarding the information we collect from your experience through our website, we collect location, device information, usage information, information we infer, information from cookies and/or similar technologies.

We use all this information for different purposes, including billing and shipping address to deliver your purchase and returns. We use your email to send you tracking of your purchase, marketing purposes, sales, launch of new collections, and any notification that may interest you. We also use this information to improve our service, analyze trends, facilitate all communication with each customer.

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