Our Story

Alternativa de Moda S.A.S was founded in Medellin, Colombia in 1987 after two friends decided to mark a milestone in the fashion industry at the time, offering lingerie that showed the lifestyle of young women through confortable and functional designs inspired by the latest fashion trends. This is how Touché emerged.

A brand with its own style, elegant, romantic and sensual that seeks to create a language through delicate and sophisticated garments to captivate an audience that values fashion in versatile and timeless designs. Recognized for the quality, durability and softness of its materials. Through e-commerce and physical stores, we offer a unique sales experience that inspires our customers and invites them to create their own story. Our broad portfolio of products includes underwear, pajamas, loungewear, swimwear and beach accessories for women; trunks, linen shorts and clothing for men. We market our products through different channels, such as our physical stores, online stores, franchises, distributors and department stores.

We have our own production plant located in Medellin, where more than 170 people work, most of them women heads of family. There, the design, production and marketing of the garments is carried out. For our company, the safety and health of our workers is a priority, therefore, we strive to minimize occupational risks through preventive measures. We comply with WRAP (Worldwide Responsable Accredited Production) standards that guarantee decent work for all our employees.